Inverter APS 400 Tripp Lite (Surplus)
Web N°: 40-9998S
Inverter APS 400 Tripp Lite (Surplus)

Inverter APS 400 Tripp Lite (Surplus)

Web N°: 40-9998S
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Input/Output Voltage 120 
Input/Output Hz 60 
Output VA 400 
Output Watts 400 
UPS Type Standby 
Online Waveform Pure Sine 
On Battery Waveform PWM Sinusoidal 
Voltage Regulation Output voltage in battery mode is regulated to 120 vlts +/- 5% 
Full Load Runtime (min.) Battery dependant 
1/2 Load Runtime (min.) Battery dependant 
Typical Runtime (min.) Battery dependant 
Recharge Rate (hours) Battery dependant 
Transfer time (ms.) 02-Apr 
Joules N/A 
Maximum Surge Current (amps) N/A 
Suppression Response Time N/A 
EMI/RFI Noise Reduction N/A 
High Volt Switch to Battery No response 
Low Volt Switch to Battery 101 
Outlet Type (f) 2 NEMA 5-15R 
Cord Length 6 ft. 
Plug Type (m) NEMA 5-15P 
Dimensions HxWxD (inches) 7 x 7 x 10 
Shipping Weight (lb.) 16 
Fax/Modem Surge Protection Not included. Order add-on module #DTEL2 
Network Interface Port None 
Software and Cable Included N/A 
Product Warranty (yr.) 1 
Ultimate Lifetime Insurance N/A 
Battery Access N/A 
Controls, Indicators, and Additional Features Includes system off/automatic/charge only switch and LEDs to indicate on-line, on-battery or shutdown status